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There have been many films made about Burma - short and long. Here are a few. If you are interested in doing a screening of a film in your community then please contact us.

  • These are some recent full length films: 

The Lady

A new biopic about Daw Aung San Suu Kyi directed by Luc Besson, with Michelle Yeoh in the starring role. Released in 2011


Into the Current

The documentary, “Into the Current,” highlights the experiences of Burma’s political protestors and democracy activists in their struggles to attain freedom and basic human rights in Burma.


Burma Soldier

Myo Myint, a former Burmese solider, offers a rare and often uncovered perspective as a soldier turned democracy advocate. The documentary “Burma Soldier” sheds light on the inner workings of the Burmese military junta and some of the economic and personal circumstances that compel men to join the army.


Burma VJ

The documentary, “Burma VJ” follows a network of video journalists who cover the 2007 democracy protests, risking their lives to smuggle information out of Burma to the international media. The film also documents how Hurricane Nargis devastated the country.

  • A few recent short films:

Responding to the landmine threat in Burma/Myanmar

by Invisible Enemies

A documentary detailing how each level of society in Burma should share and take responsibility in removing the landmine issue from the country.

Guns, Briefcases and Inequality: The Neglected War in Kachin State

by Burma Partnership

A documentary discussing the Burmese Army's motives and strategy behind the the neglected war in northern Kachin State.

Nothing About Us, Without Us

by Burma Partnership

A brief documentary highlighting the rumored forced repatriation of eastern Burmese refugees residing on the Thai/Burma border.

Bringing Justice to Women of Burma

by Women's League of Burma

A short film highlighting continued systematic and widespread rape against women and girls in Burma, in particular in the areas of renewed military offensives in Kachin, Karen and Shan State after so-called democratic elections.


Click in Fear

Winner Freedom Film Festival in Burma

About a Burmese Karen photojournalist who fled the country after the junta cracked down monk peaceful demonstration in September 27, 2007.


Message from Shan Youth

by School for Shan State Nationalities Youth (SSSNY)

SSSNY provides a social justice education program for youth to take an active role in the movement for social and political change. A group of students made this video to explain about issues in Shan state right now. The students cannot show their faces because SSSNY is an “underground” training program – but they use animation to tell their stories.


Burma It Can't Wait: Montage

by U.S. Campaign for Burma, Human Rights Action Center, Fanista

In 2008, U.S. Campaign for Burma released over 30 short videos with various celebrities such as Ellen Page, Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow, James Cameron, Jason Schwartzman, Sheryl Crow, and more to raise awareness about different crucial issues in Burma.  CLICK HERE to see more. 

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