Eleven Myanmar: Six people hospitalised after confrontation between Chinsu-Myanmar Company, three land owners

Six people hospitalised after confrontation between Chinsu-Myanmar Company, three land owners (click to view)
Chinsu-Myanmar Company came into conflict with three land owners on March 28 over the fencing of 30 acres at land plot No 15 in Apyinpadan village, Hlinethaya, Yangon Region where housing projects are being carried out.

The incident left six local people injured, all of whom had to be hospitalised. The reason of the conflict was that some 700 workers from the company prepared to fence the area. The workers threw bolts to the farmers who came to stop them with the use of catapult and fire sticks. Apart from four farmers, two passers-by were also injured.

“The area was fenced by some 700 people. When we came to stop them, they attacked us with catapults,” said a farmer who was injured at his nose.
The three farmers were identified as Tun Yi, Saw Ohn, and Sein Lwin. Both sides have filed lawsuits over to the disputed land. Their cases have been under trial. The farmland investigation commission sent official letters to the concerned departments apart from the company.

“We haven’t taken compensations at all. We are still negotiating about the compensation because the compensation offered is too little. At such a time, we don’t accept the fencing of the area with the use of the cement,” said farmer Tun Yi.

Despite inquiring the official of the company, he replied that there were no workers in the worksite. Several contacts were made to Maung Maung Kyaw, the worksite in-charge, but the phone answered power off.

“Both sides have filed lawsuits. The company has not paid the amount of compensation that the farmers wanted. At such time, the company used the force to fence the area and so that left the farmers injured,” said Aung Phyoe who is serving the interest of the farmers.

“I don’t know what is happening. As I was riding a bicycle, I was hit by a bolt. Such act violates the law,” said Aung Than who is injured.
“We are carrying out security measures for prevent further incident. If the injured press charges, action will be taken in accord with the law. So far, no one has filed a lawsuit,” said police inspector Chit Ko Ko.