Shan Herald: Rebel peace roadmap presented to the president

Rebel peace roadmap presented to the president

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), the alliance of 11 armed movements, presented its alternative 6 point peace roadmap yesterday to President Thein Sein, who is on a visit to the United States, according to the UNFC delegation in New York.

The roadmap includes:

Lt-Gen N.Ban La, Vice Chairman of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and Chairman of the UNFC, told the President in his letter: “Though it is possible to negotiate for the resolution of the points from (1) to (4), contained in the peace negotiation program at the Union level, issued by the government under your leadership - our view is that Point (5) Setting up a political party; Point (6) To accept the 2008 Constitution and to carry out amendment in the parliament according to the approval of the majority; Point (7) For eternal peace, the armed organizations are to enter the legal fold, enjoy equality, live and earn a living in accordance with the Constitution; and Point (8) Negotiation for transformation of armed organizations into one and only one armed organization, in accordance with the Constitution - are measures to control our armed ethnic resistance organizations and mould them into an entity as desired by the government, before any political settlement is achieved. As these deny equality, freedom and justice, it is not possible for us to accept them. Accordingly, we would like to urge you to review and modify them so as to prevent the internal peace building process from stalling and breaking up.”

Points 1-4 are:
The 6 point peace roadmap is the offshoot of the Ethnic Nationalities Conference held in Chiangmai, 14-16 September and participated by more than 130 representatives from armed and civil society organizations.

Though it was not immediately apparent how the President would respond to the rebels’ roadmap, U Aung Min, the government’s top negotiator told reporters at the UN on 21 September:

“We’re willing to make all necessary compromises to bring peace to the country.”

The two sides are also scheduled to meet in December.