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9 June 2015 - On this fourth anniversary of the resumption of war against the Kachin people, the undersigned organisations call upon world leaders to strengthen their commitment to promoting peace and saving the lives, dignity and well-being of the Infernally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in the ethnic areas of entire country including the forgotten Kachin IDPs of Northern Burma.

Four years ago today, the Burma Army broke a 17-year ceasefire with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and unleashed a major new military offensive against the Kachin people. Since 9 June 2011, over 120,000 Kachin and Shan people have been displaced after being forced to flee their homes. Since then, the Burma Army and the government of Burma have committed multiple human rights violations that break international law. These include the deliberate targeting of civilians, rape and other forms of sexual violence, arbitrary executions, arbitrary detention, torture, and restrictions upon the delivery of humanitarian assistance. These violations constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. A humanitarian emergency has unfolded, and a desperate need for shelter, food and medical care now exists.

Despite several rounds of peace talks and the signing of a draft Nationwide Ceasefire Accord, the Burma Army has continued to carry out military offensives against the ethnic armed groups including KIA. The situation remains too dangerous for the IDPs to return home. UN-led convoys resumed in March 2015, which tried to reach areas beyond government control after a six month period of interruption. However, there are still restrictions on access to Laiza and other KIO controlled areas where the majority of the IDPs are located. The security situation continues to deteriorate throughout Kachin and northern Shan States with sporadic clashes being seen. This has resulted in approximately 20,000 people being newly displaced. There has been no UN Food Convoy since last September 2014 in the Kachin (KIO) controlled areas.

We are extremely concerned over the lacked of funding and commitment to resolving this problem from the international community. There will be further funding cuts from June 2015 according to the Humanitarian Response Plan of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). This will result in a family of Kachin IDPs having to live on less than 20 cents (200 kyats) per day. A family of three of four cannot survive on this amount. Furthermore, some IDP sites, such as Hpare Kyet camp which is home to more than 870 IDPs, have never received humanitarian aid and are in a desperate situation. We want to speak for the thousands of voiceless Kachin people who are suffering in this situation: the desperate mothers crying for help for her chronically malnourishedchildren; the thousands of young children who have been left without education; the small children who are now entering their teenage years as residents of IDP camps; the old men who feel they have lost their dignity to live.

We call for immediate steps to build trust and strengthen dialogue, and a commitment to constitutional reform to establish a genuine federal democratic system of government.

We hope that four years of war will be brought to an end soon and that the people of Kachin and Northern Shan States will be able to live in genuine freedom with lasting peace.

Please help us to save lives, dignity and well being of the forgotten IDPs in Kachin and the entire country!


1. 88 Rakhine Generation Social Development Organization (88RGSDO)
2. Action Committee for Democracy Development (ACDD)
3. Ayar West Development Organization
4. Burma Partnership (BP),
5. Catholic Kachin Youth Yangon (CKYY)
6. Center for Youth and Social Harmony
7. Chin Institute of Social Science (CISS)
8. Colors Rainbow
9. Civil Authorize Negotiate Organization (C.A.N-Org)
10.Education Local Focus
11.Equality Myanmar
12.Ethnic Affairs Institute (EAI)
13.Ethnic Youths Development Ceter (EYDC)
14.Farmer Rights and Development Organization
15.Farmer Union, Magway
16.Forum for Democracy in Burma (FDB)
17.Free Thinkers
18.Gender and Development Initiative-Myanmar
19.Gender Equality Network (GEN) Myanmar
20.Green Future Environmental Activity Group
21.Green Network Sustainable Environment Group
22.Hands of Unity Group
23.Htoi Gender and Development Foundation
24.Htoi Shalat Foundation (Phakant)
25.International Karen Organization
26.I-School- Myanmar
27.Jinghpawland Cultural Exchange Committee, Ruili, China
28.Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) - Catholic Bishop Conference Myanmar
29.Kachin Alliance, USA
30.Kachin Catholic Community In Texas, USA
31.Kachin Community-UK
32.Kachin Development Networking Group
33.Kachin National Organisation
34.Kachin Peace Network
35.Kachin Refugee Committee - Malaysia
36.Kachin State Women Network (KSWN)
37.Kachin State Women Peace Group (KSWPG)
38.Kachin State Youth Network
39.Kachin Women Association (KWA)
40.Kachin Women Association in Thailand (KWAT)
41.Kachin Women Peace Network
42.Kaladan Development Foundation Magway
43.EITI Watch Group
44.Magway Youth Network
45.ME Community Development Center
46.Metta Campaign
47.Metta Mee Ein Shin
48.Myaing Youth Development Organization
49.Myanmar Youth Social Hermony
50.National NGO Network -3N
51.Network for Democracy and Development (NDD)
52.NGO Gender Group
53.New Generation (Shan State)
54.Organic Agro and Farmer Affair Development Group
55.Pan Pyo Let Youth Center
56.Peace & Justice
57.People for People (Sittwe Rakhine)
58.Potery Lovers Association
59.Public Welfare Network
60. Pyi Gyi Khin
61.Pyo Khin Thit- Maubin
62.Research and Translation Consultancy Cluster
63.Sha-it Social Development Foundation
64.Shan Youth Yangon
65.Shing-nip Kachin Legal Aid Network
66.Shwe Gas Movement (SGM )
67.Social Care Volunteer Group
68.Tampadipa Institute
69.The Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process - AGIPP
70.The Kachin Relief Fund-UK
71.The Seagull: Human Rights, Peace & Development
72.United ACT
73.US Campaign for Burma
74.White Holding Hands,
75.Women for Justice
76.Women and Peace Action Network (Shan State)
77.Wunpawng Ninghtoi
78. Yangon-Laiza Peace Marching Group
79.Youth pacemaker organization (YPO)
80.မူးယစ္ေဆးဝါး အႏၱရာယ္ တားဆီးေရး  ြန္ယ ္ [႐ွမ္းျပည္နယ္ ေျမာ ္ပိုင္း


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