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(30 December 2013) - The international community is deeply concerned by the dire humanitarian situation faced by internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Taung Paw camp in Myebon Township, Rakhine State and strongly urges the Union Government to ensure immediate, full, and unimpeded humanitarian access to those in need. The deteriorating living conditions in the camp have created an inhumane environment for camp residents.

The 752 families living in the camp for the past 14 months face very poor living conditions, including lack of safe drinking water, limited healthcare services, malnutrition, and restrictions on movement outside the camp.

The international community has received credible reports that local community members in Myebon town have harassed humanitarian staff and impeded access for humanitarian supplies to the people in need in Taung Paw camp. These actions are unacceptable. Many of us have recently traveled to Rakhine State to affirm the uncompromisable international principle of full and unimpeded humanitarian access to all those in need. Union-level and local officials alike have publicly vowed to enforce this principle without delay. Despite these promises, we have yet to see effective action. The international community urges authorities to ensure humanitarian access immediately and without further delay to allow aid to reach those in desperate need, and take immediate and firm action against responsible individuals, including those who seek to block humanitarian aid and intimidate, harass, or harm humanitarian workers.

Furthermore, the international community calls for increased security to allow camp residents to safely move in and out of the camp, in order to ensure their access to markets and livelihoods, and for international health workers to be allowed to spend the night in camps to increase healthcare access. Development assistance and inward investment to Rakhine State, for the benefit of all communities, will only come when situations like that in Myebon are adequately addressed. The international community remains ready to further cooperate with the Government in this issue of utmost importance.

Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
Embassy of the United States of America
Delegation of the European Union

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