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(17 October 2013) - For the public, at home and abroad, to know the position of Mutraw (Papun) District/Brigade 5 on building peace in the country and the events currently taking place, we issue the following statement.

1. At a time when there is supreme effort for gaining the capability to build genuine peace yearned for by the entire people, the holding of talks between the Government and the ethnic nationality organizations to establish mutual trust has not only been supported fully by our Mutraw (Papun) District/Brigade 5 Karen National Union (KNU), but it has also been aided and abetted from all sides by us, to the best of our ability.

2. At the same time, we absolutely oppose and protest acts that obstruct or ruin, in some way, the undertakings to establish lasting peace, harm or cause alarm to the public.

3. Our Mutraw (Papun) District/Brigade 5 will obey and perform in accordance with the leadership of the Supreme Headquarters of the KNU, until the emergence of genuine peace, yearned for by the people in Burma.

The Executive Committee Mutraw District Karen National Union Kawthoolei

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