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(23 September 2013) - 

1. Trust Building for Peace Conference (Shan State/Kayah State/Mon State) was successfully held from September 21 to 23, 2013 at Shan Literature and Culture Association's Hall in Taunggyi, capital of Shan State.

2. The conference was attended by 331 people in total, who are representatives from 21 political parties across Burma, 17 ethnic nationalities' armed groups, three civil society groups and observers from 31 organizations.

3. According to papers presented and opinions expressed at the conference, the following five-point statements were consensually affirmed:

A. To obtain nationside ceasefire agreement

B. To abolish all of the laws, including the unlawful association act, which are not standards for democratic system

C. To establish a federal union that guarantees equality, self-determination and democracy

D. To hold a national conference based on Panglong spirit

E. To amend the 2008 constitution or to rewrite a new one

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