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(10 July 2013) - We, religious leaders representing all major religions in Myanmar, warmly wish our country men and women blessings on all of us. As a nation, we are on a journey: a journey that has started after a new dawn of hope in our nation. This country of multiple blessing awaits its destiny.

At this juncture, moved by certain recent events, we issue this statement, urging all our country men and women to take a path of fellowship that will bring peace and prosperity to all. As the country opened up and the present government boldly initiated reform moves, lifting of censorship, releasing prisoners and opening the country to international relationships, a new hope sprang in the heart of all of us. We commend the government for its efforts to bring greater peace and harmony.

We appeal to all members of every religion that peace is the only way for our country. We note with great disappointment that the recent inter-religious conflict, resulting in large-scale destruction of property, the death of hundreds of innocent men and women, and the displacement of thousands, is a sad commentary on our culture, known all over for its depth of spiritual wealth and joy of its people.

No religion teaches hate. We urge our country men and women of all religious persuasions to avoid hate speech, targeting one another based on religion, causing hurt and damage, or targeting religious groups. As the government constantly warns us, such conflicts may postpone the reform process and stall efforts at human development.

A nation of young people awaits education, health, and human development. Our people need to stand shoulder to shoulder with a world that is fast developing its potential. That is possible only in an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance of the principles of unity and diversity, and tolerance of diverse views. Peace is the only road for all of us.

We appeal to all religious leaders to set an example through peace marches, inter-religious harmony meetings, and participation in nation building.

Thank you and regards,

Sitagu Sayadaw
Dr. U Pyinnyar Thiha
U Han
The Most Reverent Charles Bo, Archbishop of Yangon Archdiocese
Rev. Fr. Mark Tin Win, Executive Secretary of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Myanmar
U Aye Lwin, Chief Convener, The Islamic Centre of Myanmar, Religions for Peace
U Tin Myint

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