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(15 May 2013)

1. We, youth representatives of all religions, strongly condemn any insult or desecration for any reason of the national flag, which is of utmost importance to our nation.

2. We, youth representatives of all religions, including Myanmar Islam youth, unreservedly oppose the manipulative use of the Quran by those from overseas for the purpose of agitation of any kind causing outbreaks of violence.

3. We, youth representatives of all religions, including Myanmar Buddhist youth, unreservedly oppose the perpetration of violence and agitation of any kind causing outbreaks of violence and goes against the teaching of Buddha.

4. We, youth representatives of all religions, strongly condemn the people, both local and from overseas, who are operating in various means to conduct activities of agitation with the intention of intensifying religious and ethnic violence.

5. We, youth representatives of all religions, and (undersigned) civil society organizations do not want any kind of violence and therefore call on relevant stakeholders to take more serious measures, under national law, for the enforcement of the rule of law and for the assurance of equal rights without discrimination based on religion and ethnicity.

6. We would like to declare that we utterly support and stand with the people, religious practitioners, and religious leaders who uphold the values and obey the teaching of their respective religions and would like to live peaceful lives.

7. We strongly call on responsible authorities to urgently investigate and take legal action against people who commit violence and cause destruction in the streets, as well as those perpetrators who are controlling from behind the scenes.

Endorsed by:

1. American Center Interfaith Club (ACIC)
2. Brave New Burma
3. Burma Partnership
4. Chin Youth Forum
5. Community Management Center
6. Community Response Group(ComReG)
7. CSOs-IFI-Watch-Myanmar
8. Gender and Development Initiative-Myanmar
9. Interfaith Youth Coalition on Aids in Myanmar (IYCA-Myanmar)
10. Kachin Peace Network
11. Kachin Women Peace Network
12. Mizzima Youth Network(MYN)
13. Myanmar Environment & Social Network
14. Myanmar ICT Development Organization(MIDO)
15. Myanmar Muslim Students Youth(MMSY)
16. Myanmar Youth Contributive Organization(MYCO)
17. Myanmar Youth Empowerment Programme (Myanmar Y.E.P)
18. Myanmar Youth Resource Society(MYRS)
19. National Good-governance Individuals(NGI)
20. Peace Cultivation Network(PCN)
21. Peace Machine Group
22. Pray For Myanmar
23. Public Welfare Network
24. Radiance Alliance For Social Care
25. Rainfall Gender Support Group
26. Safety Net 27. Smile Education
28. Spectrum Sustainable Development Knowledge Network(Spectrum SDKN)
29. Triangle Women Support Group Vatan Resource Center
30. Volunteer Action Group(VAG) Women Organization Network
31. Yangon Youth Network 32. Youth Resource Development Programme (YRDP Myanmar)

**Note: Fourteen more organizations with Burmese language names signed the statement. We would be happy to send a Burmese translation of the document, or the full list of signatories including the Burmese language signatories, via email. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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