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Americans Join Global Movement to Denounce Burmese Regime’s Sham Elections on November 7, 2010 (click to view PDF)

More than 50 Universities and Communities Holding Events across the United States, More than 40 Events being Held in another 11 Countries

October 27, 2010
Washington, DC
Media Contact: Jennifer Quigley at (202) 234-8022

(Washington, DC) In the weeks leading up to Burmese military regime’s scheduled election on November 7th, students and activists in the United States and 11 countries will be hosting mock election events to denounce the sham election in Burma. The sham election is the military regime’s next step to legitimize their military dictatorship in that country. Through these events, students and activists around the world will show their solidarity with the people of Burma in their rejection of the 2010 election and its results. These events are parts of the global coordinated action, with the participation of people all around the world.

As Burma’s election coincides with the elections in the United States (November 2nd), participants will highlight the unfairness of the elections in Burma by comparing the two elections by (1) organizing a daytime exhibit on campus or in community center about the lack of basic rights in Burma, in comparison to the American elections; (2) hosting a panel discussion on Burma’s 2010 election with a speaker provided by the U.S. Campaign for Burma (USCB); (3) hosting a mock election event on campus or in community centers featuring stuffed ballot boxes, trash bags, barred voting booths, etc. ; and (4) demanding President Obama denounce the regime’s elections and call for the international community to reject the election results.

The United States Campaign for Burma, a leading coalition of Burmese activists in exile and American human rights campaigners working to promote freedom, justice and democracy in Burma, organizes these events as part of a coordinated global action to reject the sham election in Burma. Aung Din, former political prisoner and Executive Director of USCB said that “we are sending a clear message to the regime that the international community will not recognize its puppet show. We also request the Obama administration take effective action to stop the regime’s crimes against humanity in Burma, occurring in a culture of impunity.”

U Win Tin, senior leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD), wrote last month in the International Herald Tribune that “if the international community seriously exercises strong and effective pressure on the regime, the combination of pressure from outside and peaceful resistance inside the country will force the regime to come to the dialogue table”. U Win Tin also urged the international community to “abandon their dream of expecting something impossible from the election, and start taking serious action against the regime with the aim of starting a dialogue, beginning with by creating a U.N. Commission of Inquiry to investigate human rights violations in Burma.” (An Election Not Worthy of Support, by Win Tin, International Herald Tribune, Published on September 30, 2010)

23 events will be held on school campuses at Yale University (CT), University of North Carolina(Chapel Hill) (NC), University of Hartford (CT), Furman College (SC), Connecticut College (CT), Georgetown University (DC), University of Pittsburg (PA), American University (DC), Amherst College (MA), University of Texas (TX), University of Maryland (MD), St. Olaf College (MN), Bellarmine University (KY), Syracuse University (NY), University of Idaho (ID), University of Louisville (KY), Hamilton College (NY), Swarthmore College (PA), Stanford University (CA), Brandeis University (MA), Brown University (RI), Ohio Wesleyan University (OH), and Manhattan College (NY). 30 more events will be organized by communities in 13 states in the United States and 42 more events will be held by activists in 11 countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and Burma.

Myra Dahgaypaw, Campaign Coordinator of USCB, who was an internally displaced person inside Burma for nearly a decade and spent over 17 years in a refugee camp in Thailand, will be speaking at many events at these Universities and Colleges.