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Bangkok Post: Myanmar disbands censorship board

Myanmar disbands censorship board (click to view article)

Myanmar’s notorious censorship board was officially dissolved on Thursday in another nod towards press freedom since the government began to make democratic reforms two years ago.

The Press Scrutiny and Registration Division (PSRD) had not been in operation since August last year, when Myanmar announced it would lift its policy of prior censorship of all publications, which had been in place in the country since 1964.

Under the old rules, publications in Myanmar would often have sentences, paragraphs and even entire stories deemed too controversial crossed out by the censor's marker pen before they could go to press.

“The division under the Printing and Publishing Enterprise has stopped functioning since 20 August, 2012, to pave ways for freedom of press. Copyrights and Registration Division will be formed under Information and Public Relations Department,” said a report in the state-run The New Light of Myanmar.

Last month it was announced that the publication of private daily newspapers will be allowed in Myanmar from April 1 this year.