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Radio Australia: Burma begins official probe into public sevice corruption

Burma begins official probe into public sevice corruption (click to view article)

The Bureau of Special Investigation says more than a dozen ministry officials have been questioned so far, with reports saying the former Telecoms Minister might also be called in.

Thein Tun resigned abruptly last week, promtping speculation he may have been forced to quit.

Tun, who was a member of the previous military regime, could now be the country's first government minister to be investigated for graft, since the new reformist government took power in 2011.

But details of the allegations remain unclear, but anonymous officials reportedly said a probe has been initiated.

Last month, President Thein Sein voiced concerns over what he described to be rampant corruption in the bureaucracy and promsied to shake up the public service.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane

Speaker: Khin Mar Mar, Burma specialist at the Australian National University in Canberra