DASSK Video Speeches
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March 8, 2011

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day I am glad and satisfied to have the opportunity to send a message to our women who are living far from home. I know that our women who live in other countries face a whole range of hardships. I thank MAP Foundation. Our women, some as refugees, some as migrants, have a daily struggle for their survival. I understand that MAP Foundation is trying to make a bridge between our women and the local population. We need such organizations. I also have been thinking how to celebrate harmony between our women and the host communities. For example, I do not think that our women are a burden on the host country and I think that if our women can show that they are making a contribution to the host community then the attitude of the host community towards our women will change. I understand that MAP Foundation aims to build the capacity of our women to enable our women to contribute to the host community. This is something that we should be doing. I also hope that our women will use this opportunity effectively. One thing I would like to say to you all is not to lose hope. You have all had to leave the country for various reasons, and while your reason may be different form each other, you all have the same experience of not wanting to leave your country but having to do so and having to struggle because our country has so many hardships and difficulties. Our objective is to create an environment in which all Burmese who are living far away will be able to return home in security. But in the meantime, we must try our best for the women of Burma who are on the border for their betterment, peace and security. For that reason we would like to work closely with the MAP Foundation and other such organizations. By working closely together our women and also the local community will benefit from such cooperation. I believe that our women from Burma struggling for their livelihoods have special qualities because they had believe in that special quality enabling them to leave home and try to survive in another country. While you have to struggle daily with you lives I want you to also be able to keep in mind the long term objectives. Do not lose sight of your long term objective which is to return to our country and work not only for our country but to also work for the world. When I talk about our women it is impossible not to also mention children because women and children are always connected. It is very important that the sons and daughters of our migrants and refugees have access to education. Organizations such as MAP foundation are helping them and as for us, we will also try our best to assist on this issue too. Our children need to be educated not only for themselves but also for the good of our country. I’d like to say further that on this occasion of International Women’s Day, I wish health, happiness and fulfillment of your hopes for all women. I wish that you will all be able to continue doing what you think is necessary. Finally, one day, not so far away, we will all meet and hand in hand we will together actively work, not only for our country but also to contribute to the world. I thank you all.