DASSK Video Speeches
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April 26, 2011 – (Los Angeles, CA)

To receive an award named after somebody who is essential to the emergence of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights is indeed an honor of anybody who believes in human rights. Eleanor Roosevelt was somebody who not only believed in human rights but who acted in accordance with her beliefs. This is what we want to bring to Burma: the right of people to act in accordance with their beliefs and we would like our people to be secure in their enjoyment of the rights that are ensured in the Universal Declaration. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights opened up a whole new world for many people all over the globe. Many people who had not known that they as human beings, simply because they are human begins, have the right to certain securities and freedoms suddenly realized that a human being is born with dignity, a human being has a right to maintain that dignity throughout his life. This is why we are so grateful to Eleanor Roosevelt because she made people understand not only the necessity for human rights but what human rights really meant. An important aspect of the work that Eleanor Roosevelt did was to make people understand that we all have a lot of potential and that under the right circumstances we would have the ability to achieve this potential to the fullest. That also is another meaning of human rights. The rights that will enable us to realize our full potential. That is why we are so grateful to you and to others like you who are helping us to achieve democracy and human rights in Burma. Your are helping us to achieve our full potential. You are helping ordinary people in burma, housewives, working wives, professional women, young girls, political prisoners, political activities, you are helping all of us to achieve our full potential in the way in which we believe best. Our beliefs and our actions can go hand in hand in freedom and security only if human rights are ensured. For this reason, we would not only like to thank you but also to urge you to continue with your work that is helping women all over the world. When you help women you help the whole human race because I believe that women pay the more important part in our world because not only are they entering the professional world, they still remain the pillars of their homes and families. I hope the menfolk in this audience will forgive me forsaking in favor of women, for speaking out in favor of women because I think only a woman can understand the troubles, the problems, the discrimination, that other women have to face. So from this day onwards until all the people in the world, particularly all the women in the world, are able to achieve their full potential, I hope we will be able to work together closely and in a true spirit of sisterhood. Thank you.