DASSK Video Speeches
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Empowered. Energized. Engaged.

This is what we want. Not just for the people of Burma, but for peoples all over the world and we appreciate everything that the Communities of Democracies have done to promote empowerment, energization, and engagement. It is in the end it is the people who have to bring about the changes that they want. It is the peoples of the world who must promote democratic values and if they can be empowered to do this, if they can understand that they have the power to do this, and if they can be energized to carry out their work, then we will not be far away from the kind of community that joins all the peoples and countries of the world.

All those who love democracy, I think have a specially soft spot in their hearts for the Baltic countries, because we are all aware of how long they have struggled, how they have perseverance, how their hopes have been kept up over the many, many years and in the end they have achieved the kind of community in which their people are respected, in which human dignity is recognized as a basic need of our world. I would like to thank Lithuania for all that it has done during its presidency and I am especially happy that I was released during the period when Lithuania was at the head of the Community of Democracies. This to me seems a very good omen; this to me indicates we in Burma will achieve in the not too distant future what we have been working for, for so long. I would like to thank all of you for what everything that you done not just to empower, not just the people of Burma, not just the movement for democracy in Burma, but peoples all over the world. Empower them to work to shape their own destiny, to energize them to take part in this movement to uphold basic human rights and democratic values and in this way you have helped us all engage with one another; people to people, nation to nation.

We look forward to the time when our country can be an active, energetic, powerful member of the Community of Democracies. In fact I look forward to the day when we too can take our turn as leader of the Community of Democracies. Because of what you have been able to achieve, we are full of hope, we are full of anticipation for what the future, the not too distant future will bring to us. So let me thank you, not just in the name of the movement for democracy in Burma, but in the names of people all over the world that want to be empowered, energized and engaged.