Our Staff & Board
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Jennifer Quigley, President
Jennifer Quigley has worked on the movement for freedom and justice in Burma in different capacities for ten years. Prior to joining the U.S. Campaign for Burma, she worked for the Women’s League of Burma and its member organizations on international advocacy and capacity building both while living in Thailand and in the U.S. Her work included advocating for and with women from Burma at the United Nations to both ensure the U.N. Security Council and other UN bodies pressure the military regime to end violence against women and bring peace and democracy to Burma and guarantee women from Burma are full participants in all stages and decision-making levels of the peace-building process.

As the President for the U.S. Campaign for Burma, she works to ensure international policymakers, including the US government, support the movement for freedom and democracy in Burma, provide support for human rights and humanitarian needs, as well as seek to bring justice and an end to crimes against humanity and impunity in Burma.

Simon Billenness, Executive Director
Simon founded and led the New England Burma Roundtable from 1994 to 2006. He organized the successful grassroots lobbying for the passage of the Massachusetts Burma Law and spurred groups throughout the country to enact 20 similar municipal Burma selective purchasing laws. He has also led efforts to push shareholders to put pressure on corporations in Burma through shareholder resolutions and action at corporate annual shareholder meetings. Over 100 companies from North America, Europe and Asia withdrew from Burma under the pressure from these campaigns. Simon worked as a Senior Analyst at Trillium Asset Management, a socially responsible investment firm, Senior Policy Advisor for Corporate Engagement at Oxfam America, Senior Advisor for Special Projects and Shareholder Advocacy at the AFL-CIO Office of Investment, and Senior Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club. Before joining US Campaign for Burma as Executive Director, Simon founded and directed the CSR Strategy Group, which helps investors and NGOs develop and implement shareholder activism campaigns.

Myra Dahgaypaw, Policy Advisor
Myra Dahgaypaw is a Karen human rights activist from Karen State, Eastern Burma.  She was an internally displaced person for about 12 years and a refugee for 17 years until she resettled to the United States. Myra has lost many family members and friends to the brutality of Burma’s military regime. Since the age of 13, Myra has played a strong role in her community as an organizer and a human rights advocate.

As a member of the Karen Women’s Organization and a board member of the Karen American Communities Foundation, Myra has testified before Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. She assists and advocates for refugees from Burma who are resettled in the US. Myra has participated in many panel discussions and conferences on Burma.

Mariam Mehter, Advocacy Fellow
Mariam is a passionate advocate for human rights and representation for all the ethnic and religious minorities of Burma. Her professional background consists mainly of various roles in the financial services industry. Since her career brought her to the DC area, Mariam has been active in raising awareness about the situation facing the persecuted minorities of Burma.

With the Zakat Foundation of America, she has hosted an annual fundraising dinner for the Rohingya Muslims of the Arakan region of Burma that has been successful in providing food aid to Burmese refugees and in informing attendees about the worsening crisis. In 2012, Mariam also organized a Peace Rally with interfaith leaders in front of the Embassy of Myanmar to urge the sense of equality across all the people of Burma and to demand an end to the ethnic cleaning.

As the daughter of Burmese immigrants, Mariam first visited her parents homeland last year and attended her father's high school reunion in Rangoon. She became involved with USCB after her return initially by managing an effort to collect donations to aid the marginalized Rohingya. Her concerns about humanitarian and social justice causes, particularly the plight of voiceless ethnic and religious minorities currently has her in a consultant role at the El-Hibri Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to increase respect for diversity thought interfaith dialogue and action. With the El-Hibri Foundation and the USCB, Mariam hopes to help advance the field of peace education.

Brianna Oliver, Director of Communications & Development
Brianna has been part of the freedom and rights movement in Burma since her time at Appalachian State University as an undergraduate student. She has traveled extensively researching and learning about various indigenous rights and environmental movements in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Passionate about women's and children's rights, grassroots and community organization, as well as corporate accountability, Brianna believes in the power of digital social movements to provoke meaningful discussions and create positive change.

Prior to USCB, Brianna has worked in the disaster relief and financial technology sectors. As Director of Communications and Development, she is commited to empowering online activists and grassroots organizations to ensure the U.S government and corporations support freedom, dignity and rights for all across Burma.



Larry Dohrs
Larry Dohrs's first visit to Burma was in 1982. In 1985 he completed an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from University of Michigan, with a particular focus on the agricultural economies of Thailand and Burma. Throughout the 1980s he wrote economic updates on mainland Southeast Asia for the journal Southeast Asia Business. He travels to Southeast Asia every year, and has had the privilege of meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders of the democracy movement. He leads the Seattle Burma Roundtable in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. It has been meeting on a monthly basis for more than 21 years. He is a visiting scholar in Southeast Asian Studies at Texas Christian University.

Sam Gregory
Sam Gregory is a video producer, trainer, and human rights advocate, and is currently the Program Director of WITNESS, the non-governmental organization that uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. He has been an activist on Burma for the past decade, and over the past five years has worked extensively with the grassroots organization, Burma Issues to support their work documenting and advocating around the situation in eastern Burma, including supporting the production and distribution of the videos "Shoot on Sight', 'Season of Fear' and 'Always on the Run' to audiences worldwide. In 2005 he was the lead editor on Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism (Pluto Press), and he has conducted trainings on how to use video in campaigns for groups worldwide.

Gordon Welty
Gordon is the Executive Director of Burma Community Builders, a nonprofit organization which focuses on building schools and educating the internally displaced people of Burma. He founded the organization as a means of responding to Aung San Suu Kyi’s call to “use your liberty to promote ours.”

A former Marine in the infantry, Gordon developed a strong conviction toward peace while preparing to invade Iraq after the September 11, 2001 attacks. He is a Buddhist, and it was his experience with the destructive power of violence that led him to work for democracy and human rights in Burma. His other experiences include the position of Aide to the President at TreePeople, where he was a founding member of the organization’s award-winning strategic visioning team. Gordon is a graduate of UCLA. 

Byron Rushing
Byron serves the Ninth Suffolk district in the Massachusetts House of Representatives representing the South End neighborhood of Boston. A Democrat, first elected in 1982 , Representative Rushing, serves as the Majority Whip. Representative Rushing's priorities are human and civil rights and liberties; local human, economic and housing development; environmental justice and health care.

Representative Rushing was an original sponsor of the gay rights bill and the chief sponsor of the law to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in public schools. He is a spokesman against the restoration of the death penalty in Massachusetts and for a moratorium on executions in the nation. He leads the effort for size acceptance and anti-discrimination on the basis of height and weight. He led the Commonwealth's anti-apartheid efforts and was the co-author, with Simon Billenness, and chief sponsor of the Massachusetts Burma law that was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000. He was the chief sponsor of the health reform law ending pre-existing condition refusals by insurance companies. He is a chief sponsor of legislation for needle exchange programs and over-the-counter sale of sterile needles.

Eryn Schornick
Eryn Schornick is a New York State licensed attorney with a focus in international human rights law and humanitarian law. She is a policy advisor for Global Witness in Washington, DC focused on ending the harms caused by the corrupt and other criminals hiding behind anonymous shell companies, a worldwide problem also experienced in Burma. As a Senior Research & Engagement Specialist with EIRIS Conflict Risk Network she led institutional investors in successfully advocating for the release of the “Reporting Requirements on Responsible Investment in Burma.” Eryn visited development projects throughout Burma and on the Thai-Burma border during several trips. She met with affected communities and other stakeholders impacted by these projects to advance advocacy efforts requiring responsible business conduct in the country’s extractive and telecommunications industries.